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Wedding Favors

Sep 13, 2022 | Weddings

Whether it’s a tradition or hospitality, a wedding favor is something that people come to expect when attending an event. A small token of appreciation to offer your guests for taking time out of their lives to honor yours. Sometimes the idea comes naturally, perhaps something that is a reminder of the couple or a memento that symbolizes the moment, but many struggle with this part of planning.

Covid Favors

With the pandemic still looming, some people are still apprehensive to attending weddings, which presents a perfect opportunity for covid related favors. Various companies now offer disposable mask printing, this lets you create a logo, pick a color and offer your guests an option to have protection in style. Similarly, to that, you can provide mini hand sanitizers. Some companies offer self-promotion sanitizers, but for a cheaper route you can print labels and apply them yourself, tie a colored ribbon around the neck of the bottle for flare. A small box or bag of snacks or mints, which is a traditional idea; however, with so many germs being spread it’s nice to have a single serving per guest as opposed to a few bowls of snacks set on a table – this option is never lost on the guests!

The Green Option

Offering a gift that preserves nature, assists nature, or comes from nature is a new and beneficial trend. Flower seeds in packets has been around for a while, which helps keep the cost low on large orders; however, you can also purchase stationery and pencils embedded with seeds too. Extending an olive branch is a nice twist on an old phrase and seemingly obvious when joining two families. Purchasing small branches (under 6”) and putting into a small burlap bag is a beautiful gift that with the proper love can survive for years to come. A less expensive item are small bud vases, which can be purchased online in bulk. The small vases are perfect for holding the small wildflowers that children pick and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Lastly, with succulents all the rage providing small potted succulents at each setting is not only beautiful, but also a souvenir that will sustain life even with someone who isn’t a green thumb.

Thirst-Quenching Offering

Classic koozies with the wedding logo or date written on them, or a cocktail napkin to match, will live forever in homes post wedding, but what about taking the potable gift up-a-notch? Stunning box sets containing tea or coffee paired with chocolates and tied up with a string will not disappoint. Reusable straws, such as bamboo or metal attached to fancy individualized card are a wonderful option as well. Summer weddings present a nice opportunity to provide guests with individual lemonade servings and a bottle of water labeled with your wedding logo and extend a thirst quencher while they wait.

The Edible Treat

Thinking outside the hive, small jars of honey have become a fast trend for favors, or jams. For an outside event, create a bag with all the ingredients to make a S’more, this is extremely favored by kids. Thinking local, you could gift your guests with something from a local bakery or perhaps maple syrup from a farmer. The perk to this is assisting in advertising for a small-town business as well as supporting their small business. Or, for a more personal touch gift your guests with the couple’s favorite two candy bars, it’s simple and sweet.

Seasonal Trinket

Incorporate the season into your flare! For a spring wedding think of the blooming world around us and bestow your guests and the birds with packets of bird seed. For a hot summer day, a personalized hand-fan could serve multiple uses. A Fall wedding is the perfect time to give a pumpkin scented candle. When guests are arriving for a winter wedding, offering gloves or scarfs is a nice gesture.

Regardless of what you land on, your decision should be personal to you and your soon-to-be-spouse, whether that’s the story behind it, color, or smell. The event is all about you and your guests are aware of that, so getting a small token of gratitude in lieu of their time is a thoughtful notion that doesn’t go unnoticed.