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Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

May 18, 2021 | Weddings

Outdoor weddings are a great way to incorporate a breathtaking atmosphere and backdrop to the start of a new life together. The opportunity for gorgeous pictures is endless. 

In these times of social distancing and rules about gatherings, an outdoor wedding offers much more flexibility. It allows your guests to feel safe and comfortable while celebrating you. 

The biggest concern about planning any event outside is of course, the weather. The best way to ensure everything goes smoothly is to choose a venue that is versatile. If you have an easy option to move everything inside your day will still be unforgettable. 

Consider the Weather

At Country Barn Estates, our elegant barn setting is updated with the latest technology to keep all of our guests comfortable. With just a push of a few buttons, all the walls go up (or down) to create the perfect indoor/outdoor setting. Our fireplace and heating system will keep you and your guests comfortable in most Michigan weather. 

Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

You can go as rustic or as elegant as you would like with an outdoor wedding. Especially if you have a backup plan for the weather. If you are planning on having the ceremony outside and the reception indoors, you can really take advantage of the versatility of this set-up. 

Flowers, Plants, and Landscaping 

You can really capture the unique setting of your dream wedding by taking advantage of seasonal flowers. This will also help keep the cost down since the florist will have easier access to flowers that are in bloom. You can also incorporate local plants and flowers to tie in the natural and professional landscaping of your venue. 

The Perfect Setting to say “I Do”

Imagine taking your first steps toward your future along an enchanting bridge over calm waters. The sunset is in the background and your love is waiting, wide-eyed in amazement as you glide toward a beautiful gazebo. 

Amenities, Dressing Rooms, and More

When choosing the right outdoor setting for your big day, don’t overlook the importance of having a comfortable place to get ready and change. Having a “rustic” theme for your wedding should not mean that important amenities, like bathrooms, are also rustic. No outhouses or porta-potties. You want your entire wedding party, guests, and yourself to be as comfortable as possible. 

Create the Perfect Bar

A toast of champagne to the new couple! A round of shots with the groomsmen! Clicking glasses for a kiss! 

If you are serving alcoholic beverages at your wedding, check with the venue as to what they provide. Many places, like ours, provide the space, but you will have to provide a caterer that has a liquor license for events. Oftentimes, the caterer for the food can also provide the bar license. If not, you can go with two separate vendors to cover all of your needs. 

Country Barn Estates Vintage Horse Trailer Bar

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