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The Perfect Places for Family Reunions

Jun 17, 2021 | Reunions

Planning a family reunion in Michigan? Before you even pick a unique theme, you need to research the perfect places for family reunions. 

Multigenerational families include babies, parents, toddlers, teens, childless adults, and senior citizens. It may even include pets too! Finding a place that has something for everyone can be difficult. At Country Barn Estates, we have it all.

Here are some things to consider to make sure everyone has a good time:

  1. Bathrooms. Depending on how many people are coming, you will need to be sure the venue has enough bathrooms to accommodate the size of your crowd. 
  2. Small Children. Do you need a place for small children to play? Will they need to take a nap? 
  3. Accessibility. If any of your family members have mobility needs, check that the place is handicapped accessible and can accommodate any other special needs you may have. 
  4. Weather. Do you have a backup plan for rainy weather? What about extreme heat? We can open our big bard doors for an indoor/outdoor experience for all types of weather. 
  5. Photo opportunities. Are there areas to take nice group photos? We have a pond, bridge, gazebo, and acres of beautiful countryside. 
  6. Overnight accommodations. Is anyone traveling far enough to need an overnight stay? Check out the surrounding areas and prices. Country Barn Estates has an onsite house you can rent for overnight guests. 
  7. Room for games. What types of games and activities are you planning? Be sure there is space to roam and get up to all sorts of shenanigans with your relatives. Country Barn Estates has several acres and our building can accommodate up to 500 people. 
  8. Food. Are you bringing your own food? Does the venue have places to store, prepare, and clean up from food? Are caterers available? 
  9. Alcohol. If you plan on having alcohol, is it allowed? Do you need a liquor license or special permit? 
  10. Pets. Do you need a place that allows pets? 

Country Barn Estates would be honored to host your family reunion. We can help you determine all of your needs and provide the services and accommodations you are looking for. We are a unique venue in that we have an onsite home available. 

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