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Spooktacular Inspiration for a Halloween Barn Wedding

Oct 19, 2021 | Weddings

Halloween Barn Weddings might not be the first thing that comes to mind as the reason for the pumpkin season, but fall is the perfect time to get married if you want your wedding to be a little bit on the darker and more dramatic side. Seasonal color outside and rustic wood inside creates an atmosphere that will make your wedding to die for. 

Spectacular Spooky with Elegant Details

If you’re looking to create a contrast between elegance and charm, there are so many ways to inject a little darkness into your perfect day. Consider a wedding dress with black details and candelabras as centerpieces. Gilt edges and victorian looks can evoke old world and new world beauty. Think decadant and lush, with orange or burgandy details. Allow all those subtle details to charm your guests without overwhelming them with gothic asthetics. 

Details That Work 

  • Gold leaf and scrollwork invitations
  • White dress with black details
  • Bridesmaids dresses in black or burgandy
  • Candelabras
  • Highly formal floral arrangements, roses, lilies, classic flowers
  • Suits with tails
  • Swags of tulle

This high drama theme creates an elegant and edgy vibe perfect for creative couple who wants to share their asthetics. Show your rebellious side with black details while still remaining traditions with place settings, formal reception elements, and a traditional ceremony. This wedding asthetic works well when your family is fine with a little bit of sophisticated boundry pushing. If you have very traditional relatives, make sure to let them know that your wedding is going to be a little different and meant to be fun and dramatic. 

Crystal Forest Barn Wedding Vibes

Get ready for gentle delights with this beautiful and delicate witchy theme. Lean into the new age with astrology themed invitations, draped fabrics, crystals, and purples, mauves, and teal elements. Let your wedding guests be drawn into an otherworldly paradise as they and you are transported into a sacred time and space. 

Details That Work With a Crystal Theme

  • Astrology theme
  • Plum purples and pale pinks
  • Draped style bridesmaids dresses
  • Crystals as wedding favors
  • Delicate floral arrangements with pale roses or dried florals
  • Geometric shapes
  • Velvet details

This theme is the most gentle and elevated version of halloween. It’s great for a wedding where the guests might not feel comfortable with more gothic elements. Using geometric forms and pastel colors can combine both masculine and feminine elements for your dream wedding. Rustic wood backdrops will accentuate the gleam of crystals and the luxury of draped fabrics and velvet. Push the sensory and asthetic edge and your wedding will be a dream to be remembered for years to come.

Gothic Drama Halloween Barn Wedding

Are you dying to get married in high gothic style? Does black velvet and lace make you swoon? A goth wedding isn’t for every family, but if yours is ready to walk on the wild side, you can push the limit of wedding style and really create an undying wedding memory. Once you step outside of the standard wedding traditions it can get overwhelming, but just make sure you’re doing something similar but unique for each element of the wedding and you’ll be sure to have a gorgeous and memorable day.

  • Black wedding dress
  • Dramatic live music
  • Pops of bright pinks and reds
  • Push the edge of campy with chain mail and black lace
  • Dramatic floral arrangements with curly willow stick or ferns to add a wild look
  • Wedding photos done in an antique style
  • Reception in a creepy carnival theme

If you’re looking for more Halloween barn wedding inspiration, check out this geeky gothic wedding at Rock n Roll Bride. 

Our rustic barn venue is the perfect backdrop for your wedding, whether you want just a touch of goth drama or a witchy wedding all the way. We’re here to help your dreams come true. 

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