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Planning a Post-Covid Gathering

Apr 15, 2022 | Corporate Events, Prom / Graduation, Reunions, Weddings

It’s no surprise that the year 2022 will see the largest number of in-person weddings in the past two years. The global pandemic put a hefty strain on face-to-face interactions and gathering; however, people are starting to venture out and are looking forward to such affairs now. Humans crave interaction and anyone planning a gathering in the next year, should expect to have a large crowd.  

Remember that regardless of you may feel about Covid, you will have guests that feel the opposite and a good guest will leave theories, politics, and opinions at the door. Be respectful of all guests and keep transparency. Safety should be key and there may be guests who are still apprehensive to attend large gathering. 

Following are a few helpful tips and suggestions for planning a gathering ‘post pandemic’ that will help your guests feel at ease as the reemerge into society. 

  • Survey your future guests, if possible. Asking your guests before the gathering for ideas and suggestions that will make them feel comfortable will be beneficial. 
  • Space seating farther apart than you think. While I don’t feel you need to maintain a 6’ spacing of all tables and chairs, leaving larger gaps between tables and chairs will be visibly more inviting to apprehensive guests. 
  • Have hand sanitizer available – Everywhere! Near the food, at the entrance, on the tables, in the bathrooms. This is an object you are more than welcome to overdo without complaints. 
  • Have masks available, even if you’ve deemed your event “Mask-Free”. People still should have the option to wear a mask at their own digression and providing them at your gathering will ensure a level of comfort. 
  • Allow a virtual option. Although this suggestion is daunting and contradictory to the idea of a personal event, but, this is the world we now live in. Set up a live virtual feel for guests who may want to join virtually.

Ventilation has proven to be a key focus on anxious guests, many people have felt comfort in venues that have open-air. This is also a key feature to both of our barns – we have the ability to open doors and use space both interiorly and exteriorly for gatherings. Country Barn Estates loves using the fresh, country space as a key component to all rental settings. On a beautiful Michigan day, there is no reason as to not have the bar set outside and the doors open on our rental locations.

Food should be distributed and not communal during this delicate transition. Avoid having bowls of nuts, mints or popcorn, instead have individual options. Similarly, have someone serving meals, even if you are offering a buffet style dinner you can assign people to serve onto each plate. The less hands touching food – the better. Plus, this small gesture gives the appearance of a formal affair. 

If you are planning on having drinks served to guests at the bar, please have sharpies on hand so that guests can individualize their cups, this also helps avoid wasted cups as well as provide sanitary comfort. 

And, just like the Coronavirus keeps changing and evolving, so will requirements and recommendations. We promise to provide a facility that will assist you in the safety of your gathering. We want our guests to feel at ease during their special day.