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Michigan Barn Wedding Ideas

May 24, 2021 | Weddings

Your barn wedding can be that much more rustic and charming with these delightful ideas for all your wedding details. The perfect barn wedding should be a balance between rustic and elegant. You want your wedding guests to be transported to a different and simpler time. Everything should bring a feeling of simplicity and joy. So without further ado (before you say “I do”), let’s dig in with some ideas for making the details of your wedding match the big picture you’re dreaming of.

Use Reclaimed Wood For Your Barn Wedding Signage 

Reclaimed wood is not only sustainable and eco-friendly, it’s gorgeously rustic. Keep an eye out for friends doing home remodels or tearing down old sheds, those are perfect opportunities to snag some authentic aged wood. Once you’ve got your charming signs-to-be make sure there aren’t any nails still embedded in the wood or peeling paint. A couple of eye hook screws in the top and you’ve got something to hang it from, or a plate stand works great if you want it to sit at a table. Signs are a great way of letting guests know where to set gifts, or where to sign the wedding guest book. 

Once you know how you’re going to use your sign, draw out your lettering with a pencil first, and then a little white paint will be perfect for lettering your sign. You can even get premade barn wood signs these days at craft and home stores so if you can’t find anyone currently ripping down old buildings you can still get that old-style charm. 

Draped Chiffon Creates a Dreamy Wedding

Barn weddings are a balance of rustic and elegant and part of the fun is the movement between the two. Add a little drama and dreaminess to your ideal “I Do” by getting some bolts of fabric that match your wedding colors and draping them artistically. Gazebos, barn doors, tables, and beams are all candidates for a little fabric draping. Anywhere that you want a splash of color and drama, the fabric is a great way to bring it in. 

If you’re taking your vows outside before a barn reception, a trellis archway is a great way to create a visual frame for your wedding photos so that your guests know where the big event is going to happen. If it is going to be outside, make sure to attach the fabric firmly to trellises so that it doesn’t accidentally blow away!

Country Barn Estates has a beautiful bridge over water that leads to a picturesque gazebo you can decorate however you wish.

Add Burlap Accents for Rustic Barn Wedding Charm

There’s nothing more rustic-chic than using burlap as part of your decor for place settings and table runners. It adds fabulous textures that contrast beautifully with plates and flowers and is a great way to bring in a little more of the barn wedding feel. For an easy and fun finish just pull the cross threads around the edges of the burlap to create a quick fringe edging. Paired with a little lace it creates a romantic feel. With greenery, it evokes a wonderful natural vibe for a more boho-style wedding. 

Burlap bags can be perfect for wedding favors, and you can even get them custom printed for a personalized remembrance for all your guests. You can even use burlap as a drape if you’d like a more textural feel. Consider using jute twine to pair with burlap, using it to tie adorable rustic bows, and add a great look to boutonni√®res and bouquets. 

Barn Wedding Lighting Ideas

If you’re going to be partying into the evening darkness, you’ll need some lighting ideas to create that perfect reception ambiance. Mason jars are a fun and easy way to make safe candleholders, just pop a tea light in the bottom, and voila! Instant charm. For a little extra fun, you can add glass beads in the bottom that coordinate with your wedding colors, or add a bit of colored sand. You can even use electrical tea lights to make sure it’s safe and beautiful. 

Also, consider adding string lights for a gentle twinkle effect. This is a great look for over the dance floor. There are so many kinds of string lights, from tiny fairy lights to rope lights, to globe bulb lights, make sure to choose a style that matches your aesthetic. If you’re going for a more elegant look, consider rope lights. For a more boho feel fairy lights or globe lights may look more on theme. 

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