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Advantages of Hosting a Winter Wedding

Nov 22, 2022 | Weddings

When you think of a wedding, most people envision a beautiful, sunny spring day, birds chirping, flowers blooming and a little white church. There are some perks to this option, as the availability of products, services and places are more accommodating the usual; however, there are many amazing advantages to hosting a winter wedding that you may not even be aware of.

The best and most obvious pro to a winter wedding is the scenery! Pictures with the new bride and groom with snow on the ground or cascading around them. The white backdrop allows the colors of the flowers and greenery to present as a focal point next to the couple. Snowy weather also alleviates the worry and concern about a rainy day or storm occurring on your date, like the stress Spring and Summer couples face. There is also the lack of humidity in the air, making everyone more comfortable.

Since the winter months are less popular, your options are more open. Venues usually don’t book up in the winter and you won’t have to fight or choose another date while trying to book services and venues. This also offers lower prices and discounts; majority of service providers will offer sales incentives to try and book up their winter calendar! Your options for a honeymoon will also be more financially open, as it’s the off-season. Travel discounts can also be beneficial to guests attending your ceremony too.

Whether you are choosing a theme to your big day or keeping the event classic and simple, decorations are abundant near the holidays. Choosing evergreen garlands, pinecones, and greenery in place of flowers, use ribbons or burlap to add color, or tablecloths. Nearly every store around you will have major sales after Christmas, which is a perfect time to gather up deals for décor. Also, most venues and towns decorate the exteriors of their businesses during these months – another picturesque advantage.

A winter wedding is more unique, as mentioned before, it’s not the average image. It’s unique and allows for you to present a more exclusive event, without fear of competition. Plus, your guests will thank you for hosting the event during the less busy time of year. Spring, Summer, and Fall seem to always be jam packed with school activities, sports, barbeques, vacations, etc. People tend to settle down more in the cold months, stay local during holidays and will most likely enjoy the opportunity to celebrate.

Country Barn Estates offers the most romantic venue for a winter wedding, the icy pond and blanket of white sitting next to the snow-covered woods. Guests can come in from the cold and warm up next to our large conversational fireplace and sip hot cocoa from the Bareback bar. Dance the evening away under our chandelier on the dance floor and sweat the chill away. If you are thinking of hosting a Christmas affair, our venue offers plenty of space for live trees of all sizes and the doors allow the space to bring them in. Imagine the fresh pine smell and lush greenery. It will become a wedding that your guests continue to talk about for years to come!

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