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Christmas Party Planning Checklist

Nov 16, 2021 | Corporate Events, Reunions

Make your Christmas Party Planning a breeze with this step-by-step to-do list. Big parties need big plans, don’t forget the details with everything else going on during this festive season. Whether you’re planning a big family get-together at our heated barn, or hosting your corporate event in true rustic style this year, you’ll need to be organized, know your budget, and get your Santa style started to throw a beautiful and memorable gathering for your group.

Christmas Party Planning Checklist:

Step One: Gather a Planning Committee

Whether you’re planning for a big family shindig or a corporate Christmas event it’s important to know who is on your team. Party planning is complicated work. Ask people who are good organizers, or have experience party planning to give you a hand. Consider hiring a professional party planner if no one has those skill sets in your family or department.

Step Two: Set a Budget

Budgets might not seem very Christmas-y, but knowing how much you have to spend on food, decorations, and the venue is key to the success of your Christmas party planning. If alcohol is appropriate for your party, make sure to have a separate line item for it and consider if you want to hire a bartender for the night. This is also the time to consider if you want to hire other help such as a party planner, or a photographer.

Step Three: Choose a Party Type

If you’re hosting a corporate party, it’s wise to opt for a more generic holiday or winter theme in order to be sensitive to beliefs of all your employees. If you’re hosting a family party, you can go as secular or religious as you want, but it still may be worth it to make sure all the relatives beliefs are represented and valued. Consider if this is an adult only gathering, or if significant others and children are welcome.

Christmas songs provide a ton of fun themes from “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to “Winter Wonderland”. Food themes can be fun too, with cookie exchanges, hot beverage bars, or something a little fancier like a fondue treats. Other options can be based on cultural traditions, like a Nordic Hygge theme with lots of blankets and dala horses, or go fancier with a Tudor theme: lots of red plaid and golden accents can make you feel royal and down to earth at the same time.

Some Fun Themes:

  • Christmas Tea Party
  • Christmas Brunch
  • Fondue Fun
  • Holiday Talent Show
  • Characters of Chrismas Costume Party
  • 12 Days of Dip: tapas and appetizers party

Step Four: Pick an Event Date and Time

Send out a poll so everyone can give input on the date and location of the party, then go with the majority vote. Facebook and Instagram have built in poll functions or you can use Doodle or Google Forms. Most company holiday parties take place on the first or second week of December so they are near the holidays but don’t interfere with family plans. Consider choosing an annual date, such as the 2nd Friday of December to always host your party on and then everyone will know to put that day aside for celebrations. If you are hosting a family party, scheduling it closer to the holidays itself makes sense. Reach out to more remote relatives and make sure they can travel in time for your plans.

Sending formal invitations can be a beautiful detail if you’re inviting clients or looking to impress, but sending e-invites and having a Facebook group is an easy and convenient way to connect with your invitees, share ongoing developments, and let everyone know who is coming.

Step Five: Plan the Holiday Party

This step often gets put first because it’s the essence of the party. Food, entertainment, announcements and gifts are the center of any holiday party. However if you get moving on the first four steps first, by the time you get to this point, you’ll find all those decisions to be made on details become much simpler. Keep all your choices on theme, and you’re sure to delight. If you’re doing a white elephant gift exchange, make sure to bring a few extra gifts for anyone who has forgotten, and if you’re giving gift cards always order a few extra, just in case someone brings a surprise significant other.

Holiday Parties at the Barn

Our heated barn with wood-burning fireplace is the perfect venue for your corporate or family holiday party.  We can make your winter wonderland dreams come true with memories for years to come.