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5 Reason You Should Love Our Flexible Vendor Policy

May 10, 2023 | Weddings

Event and wedding venues almost always have a vendor policy. They have a list of wedding vendors you must choose from to use their facilities. However, what if a couple had something else in mind for their wedding food, drinks, photography, or music selection? Venues are familiar with the wedding vendors in their area and not allowing couples to select different vendors can reassure a bride who does not understand the wedding planning business. However, in our experience, couples are savvy and are fully equipped to select their own vendors with assistance through avenues like referrals, personal experiences, reviews, meet & greets, social media, websites, and wedding platforms.

Flexible Vendor Policies Can Help You Save Money and Stay on Budget

As we all know, convenience comes with a price. Unfortunately, weddings are prime targets for businesses to take advantage of the money in your pocket or savings. Some wedding vendors will pay to be on the vendor list or often kick-backs can be provided to a wedding venue by a vendor. These types of activities ultimately drive up the cost of your wedding. Our flexible vendor policy will help you save money and stay on budget. It is easier to stay on budget when you can do the research to select your line up of vendors.

You Will Have the Freedom to Choose Your Own Wedding Vendors

The benefits of a flexible vendor policy all come down to one aspect of wedding planning – choice. It is about selecting vendors that fit your ideas and budget.

A Flexible Vendor Policy Allows You to Get Creative

A flexible vendor policy has allowed our couples to get very creative when hosting a wedding at Country Barn Estates. You will be able to utilize the services of the person that you know in the catering business who has offered you a discount. Maybe a great friend has offered to cut flowers for your center pieces. Any saved money can go towards enhancing lighting and dress budget. Also, a favorite idea has been using a food truck as opposed to a full sit down dinner. The opportunity to choose your vendors for your wedding opens endless possibilities.

A Venue with a Flexible Vendor Policy Has a Great Vendors List

Being the experts in this business, Country Barn Estates has developed a great vendors list which we are happy to share with you. We have been amazed by what our couples and wedding coordinators have developed and staged at our venues. Our Facility Coordinator is happy to share these experiences with you during your estate tour.

Flexible Vendor Policies Allow You to Have Your Wedding Your Way

At Country Barn Estates the planning selection is still in your hands. Our goal is to provide you the space for your dreams – not be in control of them.

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